Monthly Archives: June 2015

Monday morning

A grand weekend.  The reception for a friends son is a part of history.  I enjoyed creating a little do dad here and there.

Now onward to more pressing or should I say crochetety things.  Still working on three crochet afghans.  No I have not forgotten them.  Sc across row 3sc in corner sc repeat and move forward.  And one stitch at a time an afghan will be finished.  Hopefully to bring comfort and warmth to the wearer.

My grandmother made many things for me.  In particular I remember a lemon yellow vest.  It didn’t go with clothing I owned, but wearing the vest I felt special, protected even.   Wrapped in grandma’s love.

I have that same sensation when I work in the back room ( I’ll save the back room story for another day).  Grandma is right there with me.  Helping me through a frustrating craft project.  I was struggling with a piece of leather not staying put while stitiching it onto a change purse frame.  I got the distinct impression to start in the middle contrary to what looked right, finally I tried that way and it stitched up smooth no puckers.  Thanks gram.

Comfort of hand made. Whether a vest, afghan, even a piece of jewelry. To some it speaks love, that another person cares so much to give up part of themselves.   Almost unspeakable.

C R O C H E T Y hugs. . .  Y because I love you.