Sunday morning

Another night with no sleep.  They say this is a common aging issue.    What exactly does that mean? Do we need less sleep as we age? Does getting older mean our body time clock no longer works? Or might it be the opposite? Our brain is very much aware of time running out so it tells our bodies sleep is for the young, go do something.
I shall ponder this dilemma as I watch the lightening leap across the sky.
Good morning!


Monday morning

A grand weekend.  The reception for a friends son is a part of history.  I enjoyed creating a little do dad here and there.

Now onward to more pressing or should I say crochetety things.  Still working on three crochet afghans.  No I have not forgotten them.  Sc across row 3sc in corner sc repeat and move forward.  And one stitch at a time an afghan will be finished.  Hopefully to bring comfort and warmth to the wearer.

My grandmother made many things for me.  In particular I remember a lemon yellow vest.  It didn’t go with clothing I owned, but wearing the vest I felt special, protected even.   Wrapped in grandma’s love.

I have that same sensation when I work in the back room ( I’ll save the back room story for another day).  Grandma is right there with me.  Helping me through a frustrating craft project.  I was struggling with a piece of leather not staying put while stitiching it onto a change purse frame.  I got the distinct impression to start in the middle contrary to what looked right, finally I tried that way and it stitched up smooth no puckers.  Thanks gram.

Comfort of hand made. Whether a vest, afghan, even a piece of jewelry. To some it speaks love, that another person cares so much to give up part of themselves.   Almost unspeakable.

C R O C H E T Y hugs. . .  Y because I love you.